Roof Replacement

The signs that you need a new roof in Arizona are sometimes obvious, sometimes not. A leaky roof, missing tiles, or cracks in shingles can indicate that roof repair is necessary. However, there are other, not-so-obvious indicators that are worth looking into.

What signs are there that would indicate a roof replacement is needed?

Roof Wear

Have you noticed that your roof has broken, chipped, or shrunk tiles or shingles are curled, missing, or have cupped edges you might be in need of a replacement? Call Icon Roofing for an inspection if you notice these issues.

Roof Leaks

When a roof is leaking, it means that both barriers have been damaged. In some cases, a leaky roof will mean a replacement is necessary. But other times, if the damage is minimal, roof repairs are possible.

Roof Replacement Estimate

For an honest quote and quality work from a dependable roofing contractor, contact Icon Roofing for your Roofing Replacement project. 

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Roof Damage

In Arizona, we experience a lot of intense weather. We often have high wind gusts, thunderstorms, haboobs and lightning strikes that can all cause roof damage. When a rooftop is damaged, it’s important to call Icon Roofing for a complete roof inspection. They will determine whether the damage needs repair or replacement.

Failed Roofing Inspection

A roof inspection is a must when you are purchasing or financing a property. It provides homeowners, lenders, and potential buyers with an independent report on the status of the roof. If it fails inspection, there’s a good chance you’ll need to replace it.

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