Mesa Residential Roof Repair

Icon Roofing is your choice for Mesa roof repair projects. We can provide you with expert foam roof repairs, flat roof repairs, shingles and tile roof repairs. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Icon Roofing is a family-owned roofing contractor in Mesa.

Mesa Roof Repair Service & Installation

As a full-service roofing company, Icon Roofing has the experience to handle any residential roof repair. From shingles to foam, icon Roofing can handle it all. And finding the right contractor for your Mesa roof repair isn’t hard if you know what you are looking for.

First things first, find a reputable and experienced Mesa roof repair company. A quality company will have the experience and customer service necessary to offer quality roof repairs.

For peace of mind, you should ensure the company is insured. If something goes wrong, your roof repair will be covered.

Roof Repair Estimate

For an honest quote and quality work from a dependable roofing contractor, contact Icon Roofing for your Roofing Repair project. 

Icon Roofing has helped many residential and commercial customers with roofing needs throughout the state of Arizona. Join our list of happy customers today.

How Do I Know If I Need Roof Repair on My Mesa Home?

Here are some common signs that indicate your roof is in need of repair:

Damage From Leaky Roof

Got a leaky roof? Welcome to your new problems! From mold to bacteria, moisture can find its way inside your home and lead to dangerous issues. Mold is often a cause for concern because it can adversely affect your home’s structural components, act as an allergen, and lead to respiratory issues.

Get your roof inspected for leaks every year. If you notice one, reach out to professionals at Icon Roofing for roof leak repair in Mesa.

Roof Debris From Storm Damage

Strong winds, hail, and other extreme weather can damage your roof. If you spot debris or any damage to your roof after a storm — call Icon Roofing as soon as possible to inspect your roof and let you know if you’re in need of roof repair or replacement.

Roof Damage From Animals

Animals on the roof might be a sign that you need roofing repairs. Birds and other small mammals can eat their way through your home and leave droppings everywhere. Call Icon Roofing to check if the animals have caused any damage and to determine if your roof is in need of repair.

Why Should You Choose Icon Roofing for Your Mesa Roof Repairs?

When your roof needs work, you need Icon Roofing. We’re experienced, expert Mesa roof repair experts who are ready to meet all your expectations. Our team members are eager to help you with your needs and work hard to be the best roofing contractor in Mesa.

Icon Roofing Specializes in Mesa Residential Roof Repair Service

Icon Roofing provides the following residential roofing services to our Mesa, AZ customers:

Can the Roof on My Mesa Home be Repaired or Do I Need it Replaced?

Watch out for those leaks! Early detection can help you prevent costly roof repairs. If you spot a leak, don’t wait. It’s probably best to contact a professional as soon as possible. If the roof is leaking in several areas, it needs immediate attention. Bird droppings and tree debris can cause damage too. If these issues are addressed early on, repairs can be made to avoid a full replacement.

Before and After Flat Roof Repair

flat roof
flat roof replacement
flat roof repair
flat roof replaced

Mesa Roof Repair Projects