Roof Repair

Arizona can get very hot during the summer months. We already know the extreme weather here can take a toll on your roof. In particular, these high temperatures, strong winds, and unpredictable storms can cause damage ranging from minor to severe depending on the materials of your roof.

If you’ve found roof leaks, broken tiles, or any other damage to your roof, it’s crucial to turn to a reliable and experienced roofing company in Arizona before simple repairs turn into a roof replacement. That’s where we come in! Icon Roofing provides quality roof repairs for both residential and commercial customers.

Icon Roofing focuses on quality and safety with all roofing services. Our Phoenix metro-area-based technicians will always act in a professional manner and clean up as they go. They can handle both commercial and residential customers and work to provide roofing services across the Phoenix metro area and surrounding cities including:

Roof Repair Estimate

For an honest quote and quality work from a dependable roofing contractor, contact Icon Roofing for your Roofing Repair project. 

Icon Roofing has helped many residential and commercial customers with roofing needs throughout the state of Arizona. Join our list of happy customers today.

Tile Roof Repair

It’s amazing how durable and long-lasting these roofs can be. But there are some factors that can damage them. For instance, one way to damage your roof is due to cracks in the tiles, as well as improper installation or less than quality materials. Here’s something you may not know: Phoenix tops the list of cities with the most damaged tile roofs, with cracked tiles, sliding tiles, corrosion and or edging damage.

Shingle Roof Repair

Shingles are a popular choice for older homes in Arizona. They were also a common option for apartment buildings and commercial properties. In the 1980s, they were popular because they were affordable and easy to install. But these roofs don’t typically last long in extreme weather, so they’ll eventually need to be repaired or replaced.

Flat / Foam Roof Repair

Flat roofing surfaces have been around for a long time in the Southwest, but have gained popularity as a modern roof design. One reason for the recent surge in popularity is the eco-friendly construction of some flat roofs. Beyond their modern design, they can be exceptionally energy efficient. However, like any other roof, there are some common issues that can lead to repairs. Sometimes water will collect and cause damage, the membrane can crack and split and the edging can be damaged and require repair.

Icon Roofing is committed to quality workmanship, timely completion of projects, and clear communication. Our dedication to these principles combined with our experience allow us to offer customers unparalleled trust. Call Icon Roofing for your next Roof Repair project.