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Our experienced team is committed to providing high-quality roofing services that are up to code and ready to withstand the rigors of the harsh Arizona weather. We work to provide quality and affordable roofing services for Metro Phoenix homeowners.


Residential Roofing Services in Metro Phoenix

At Icon Roofing, we inspect, repair, replace, and install new roofs for homeowners and landlords throughout the Metro Phoenix area. Our team works on various types of residential roofs; if your roof is damaged or needs replaced, there’s a good chance we’re the company to call. 

Whether you’re missing shingles, have cracked tiles, or have received damage from a hail storm, our team is here to provide the best roofing services possible at affordable rates.   

When we repair or replace your roof, our team members want to ensure that your roof is safe and durable and that your home stays protected from the weather and future storms for years to come. We help accomplish our goals by triple-checking our work and using high-quality asphalt shingles, tiles, and other roofing materials.  

As top-notch Mesa roofing contractors, we strive to exceed your expectations and continually improve our expertise and knowledge through constant training, maintaining high standards when hiring new team members, and keeping up with city codes and industry best practices. We serve the Metro Phoenix area including Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and Scottsdale.   

Commercial Tile Roof Repair - Icon Roofing

Roofing Services We Provide

At Icon Roofing we provide roofing services for residential and light commercial customers throughout the Metro Phoenix area. We offer the following roofing services:

Every customer we work with is essential to us, and we want their experience to be incredible. After working for over ten (10) years in the roofing industry, Zac Payne, the owner of Icon Roofing, knew there was a better way to install new roofs, replace existing roofs, repair roofs, and provide roofing estimates. He developed ‘The Icon Way,’ which has four simple but crucial tenants that helps ensure every roof installation and replacement goes well and every roof repair succeeds. 

‘The Icon Way’ tenants are competitive pricing, quality materials, a satisfaction guarantee, and warranties on materials and craftsmanship. ‘The Icon Way’ has helped Icon Roofing become a leader in the industry; it’s helped Icon Roofing earn great reviews and advocates from the customers we work with. 

How Do I Know if I Need Roofing Services?

Your home’s roof is vital to your family’s safety. It helps keep your home comfortable and protected from Arizona’s harsh environment, including monsoon and hail storms. Unfortunately, it may only be clear that some homeowners need roofing services after noticing a significant problem. Look out for the following problems with your roof or roofing system

10 Signs You May Need Roofing Services

If you notice any of these issues with your roof or roofing system, contact us today to schedule a roof inspection and ask for a free estimate. Our roofing experts will inspect your roof and determine if you need roofing services; the signs above may indicate that you need a simple roof repair or they may mean nothing. Contacting professionals could save thousands and avoid costly services like mold removal or roof replacement. 

You can walk around your home to look for curling shingles, missing or cracked tiles, and shingles. You can clean out your gutters. It’s also safe to look inside your home for water damage on walls or ceilings. We don’t recommend crawling into your attic or walking around on your roof to inspect it. You may get hurt or end up loosening shingles or breaking tiles. We also don’t recommend asking a handy friend or hiring an unlicensed roofing contractor. If they get hurt, you could be liable. Furthermore, an unlicensed roofing contractor may need to gain the experience or knowledge to inspect your roof correctly. 

Hire a licensed roofing contractor to inspect your roof. Doing so will give you peace of mind, and you could save money by spotting issues with your roof and roofing system before they become problems. 

The cost of a roof inspection varies depending on the size of your home and the complexity of your roofing system. On average, inspecting your home may cost between $140 to $300. If you need a roof inspection or would like to have your roof inspected annually as recommended, contact us today for a free estimate. 

The cost to replace missing or broken shingles and tiles depends on various factors, including the type of shingles, tiles, and the number of shingles and tiles that need to be replaced. The complexity of the repair work is also a factor that determines the cost. If you require shingles and tiles replaced on your roof, contact Icon Roofing for a free estimate. 

That’s a fantastic question. A professional roofing contractor will let you know if your roof can be repaired; they will tell you if they think you should get your roof replaced. If your roofing project is costly, getting a second or third opinion is an excellent idea. We often save homeowners thousands of dollars when they ask our team for a second opinion, mainly if we repair the roof they nearly replaced. 

We think it’s a great idea to compare quotes from roofing contractors and get a second opinion. As mentioned above, it can only help. Be wise about it though and be sure you’re comparing apples to apples. For example, some companies use low quality materials, do not have insurance and have workers that aren’t experienced. Compare quotes, but don’t go with the low price without asking why their price is low. Be sure to always ask if your roofing contractor is licensed, bonded and insured before they perform roofing services on your home. 

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